Open Trainings - Plovdiv 2018


The dynamics of 2017 left most of us in the "high-revving" mode - with the strong growth of many businesses, high volumes of production and sales, new customers and new markets. But this is also the year when the shortage of quality people has become a permanent factor influencing in a negative way the labor market, the growth of businesses and the attraction of new investments.

As a result, for many businesses it became a daily routine to meet the needs for "creating", training, and developing own staff in order to cover the international standards in team and organizational performance.

This provoked the training team of Teamtime International to respond to the challenging market reality by creating a unique open training program enriched by the presence of inspiring international experts. What do we offer and how it will improve your work and that of your teams:

Negotiation Skills with Intercultural Elements, 23rd - 24th  February - Working with Foreign Markets and Headquarters. Persuasion, Influencing and Negotiation Strategies in a cultural diversity environment. Andreas Scheffer, GERMANY and Marionella Bozhkova, GERMANY / BULGARIA

The Art of Leadership for Middle Management, 23rd - 24th March - Boosting Key People Management and Leadership Skills for Line and Middle Managers. Nora Stefanova, BULGARIA

Graphic & Visual Facilitation Skills, 11th - 12th May - Mastering the next level of 21st century Presentation, Training and Facilitation Skills. Vanda Kovács, HUNGARY

Again, our Open Training Program will be held in Plovdiv as a city that has become a symbol of the current Bulgarian industry growth and a place full of inspiring business examples of success. We will be happy to be part of your success!

Detailed information on each of the trainings and the team of trainers can be found in the attached file: