26.07.2016, Varna, MOMPRENEUR first time in Bulgaria!

Inspired by the Mompreneur society in Germany, Marionela Bojkova came out with a brand new idea for the Bulgarian women - gathering all the moms who want to be independent at one place, starting with the ambicious ladies in Varna. It doesn't matter if you are a working mom a single mom, a business mom, or just a woman who plannes (or already has accomplished) to achieve balance between a carreer and the life of a mom and a housewife. "MOM BUSINESSWOMAN" is a direct descendant of the Mompreneus programs throughout the world and has big dreams for the Bulgarian working moms' society.

Our first gathering was on Tuesday, 26. July 2016. The young moms who came to set the start of Mompreneurs with us shared their stories, hobbies and businesses. Among us there are wedding agents, HR specialists, coaches, corporate managers, ladies with dance studios and such with international businesses, and many more. A decision was made to gather further every last Tuesday monthly. Next time we plan to have a video conversation with one German Mompreneurs club to exchange good case practices and make the first clobal connection of the Varna moms.

This is going to be the start of something amazing! Come to set the course of a new movement together!