26. July 2017, Cologne, Woman Success Academy with Marionela

This is the first training of a specially designed for Women program, which will help you identify the beliefs, blocks and fears that are holding you back from being confident and influential. It will give you the keys to gaining recognition and reward in your work career and life. You will learn powerful strategies how to overcome your internal hesitation and insecurity and help you be braver, dream larger and achieve more. You will learn how to increase your confidence in meeting people, handling criticism, leading negotiations and smoothing conflicts. You will learn how to speak out and defend your position, how to trust your abilities and follow your goals and dreams.

You will learn how to combine the elegant softness of a woman with the Leadership qualities necessary for a successful career as a manager or entrepreneur. 

What is the value for you:

  • Discover and fight inner conflicts which might limit workplace performance and relationships;
  • Learn to be yourself (not trying to be what everybody else wants);
  • Master your control of stress and stressors in the work environment;
  • Improve your Leadership skills;
  • Experience a sense of personal growth.

Who is this Academy good for:

  • Women involved with management, or looking to make the transition into a leadership role;
  • Women in business and academics;
  • Current and future women-enterpreneurs;
  • Quite simply, any women in leadership or working roles striving for more from their life and career;
  • Anyone looking to improve their confidence.

Understanding the basics of self-confident behavior:

  • Making a request confidently;
  • Refusing to do something without offending others;
  • Resolving tense situations by suggesting constructive solutions;
  • Defining the difference between assertive, aggressive, passive and manipulative behavior;
  • Becoming aware of your dominant style.

Becoming conscious of your emotions so you can relate better to others:

  • Increasing your awareness of emotional intelligence;
  • Learning to manage your emotions and taking advantage of them;
  • Discovering a positive role for your emotions;
  • Learning to manage your internal self-destructive voice.

Becoming conscious of your emotions so you can relate better to others:

  • Becoming aware of your negotiating style;
  • Widening the possibilities by understanding the down side of haggling and bargaining;
  • Mastering the basics of win-win negotiating by preparing for negotiations and maintaining good relationships;
  • Learning to handle criticism.

Becoming conscious of your emotions so you can relate better to others:

  • What is the necessary skill set and what attitudes you have to learn;
  • How do you compete in a world of men;
  • How to keep the balance between personal and work life.

For more information see also https://www.marionela-coaching.de/.

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