07.06.2016, Veliko Tarnovo, Team Management or How to keep the good employees

An open training "Team Management or How to keep the good employees" took place in Veliko Tarnovo on 07. June 2016. Managers and HR specialists from several cities from Central Bulgaria came to the event, including businessmen from Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Sevlievo and Ruse.

The focus of the training was one of the main problems in this region - attracting and keeping the good employees in the company. The participants learnt some easy and effective management strategies and practices to handle situations like this.

Part of the training was learning techniques how to influence our employees and their engagement, motivation and sence of responcibility through real life examples, case studies and games. A discussion about leadership was held, including topics such as communication skills, creating sence of loyalty and belonging to the company, team management and indvidual approach to the employees.