Marionela Bojkova's book "The Lessons of the Beaver": Already in Bulgarian!

Marionela Bojkova's first book is a result of her restless passion and our team's great devotion. Now we are proud to announce that the book is translated and published in Bulgarian as well. We are working hard so you can find it soon in the big bookstore chains in Bulgaria, but you can already purchase it in our office via email or phone, or by simply coming to some of our events. One of the upcoming events is "I, Coach" on 28.07.2016 and it is for everyone who wants to try coaching - more information and reservations on Eventbrite.

"The Lessons of the Beaver" is for those of you, who want a major change in their lifes, have a personal goal or a dream to fulfill, or simply want to make themselves a present for a successful year. It uses coaching techniques and helps you clear the ideas in your mind, fight your fears and build and upgrade step-by-step  your success.

Some of you, who already have visited our trainings in the past couple of months, may have seen the book, that was first released in English. The sweet and wise beaver already has followers and his own series of social media posts called The Advises of the Beaver, where every week we share something meaningful from the book.

Stay tuned! More Beaver news coming soon.