Graphic and Visual Facilitation Skills

Mastering the Next Level of 21st Century Presentation,

Training and Facilitation Skills


People tend to be eye-minded and the impacts graphics and visuals bring to a presentation are more than significant, especially in the present digital era with so many pictures, photos and videos around. The Graphic & Visual Facilitation Skills will support everybody presenting in meetings or training people in order to make their message clear, understandable, visible and attractive.

The course is perfect for people who have no experience in design and drawing that are tasked to creating inspiring, influencing and easily understandable presentations and trainings or just want to communicate creatively their ideas in a memorable way.


- Graphic facilitation and/or visual recording – how to use images to facilitate learning processes or to keep track of meeting minutes

- The basics of visual communication

- Creating our own visual vocabulary – turn key terms and phrases of your professional area into graphics and images

- Finding secrets of shading, colors and personal style

- Lettering – turn wording into visual material

- FlipchART – make your flipcharts look like real posters with key information

- Practicing, practicing, practicing