Woman success academy

With their personal, warm approach our Professional Certified Coach Marionela Bojkova will help the ladies re-discover their values and align their strategy for success with what is important for them as women. Her questions will inspire and motivate the coachees to find power, balance and self-confidence.

Personal Change Coaching

  • Start the project of their dreams (business, travel, personal change);
  • Discover their internal woman power and self-confidence;
  • Overcome fears and turn them into strengths;
  • Find their emotional balance and motivation;
  • Learn to believe in their abilities and to ask for what they need;
  • Learn to influence and to lead, so that people around them follow;
  • Become confident at what they want;
  • Become confident in their work;
  • Speak with confidence before critical audiences and people.

Executive/Business Coaching

Being a successful woman entrepreneur herself, Marionela can support the ladies in finding their own formula of confidence and high impact in business environment. How to be independent or how to play the corporate game,  how to plan and develop their small business or their big corporate career. How to be brave and resilient in difficult business situations.