Team Coaching Programmes

Our team coaching programs are focused particularly on enhancing leadership abilities through addressing personal challenges and leading to effective behavior patterns. ‚Äč

They are designed for top and middle level management, so that they inspire creativity, self development and desire to learn and change. 

Identification of Coaching Needs

We explore with the CEO or the Project owner the specific needs and expectations of the coaching process regarding each leadership field. We decide whether to apply individual or team coaching.
Then, the Coach applies the most suitable approaches and tools to inspire the coached individual/team to focus on their strengths and areas for development. The main driver in the process being the coached individual/team,  holding the responsibility for their own progress. 

The purpose of the team coaching programmes are to:

  • Improve the Client overall performance in the Company and further develop his/her leadership, people management, communication and influencing skills. To positively improve the Client effectiveness and to assist in the process of his/her growing-up to a balanced and mature team member and team leader. 
  • To create a supportive environment for discussions of the client ideas, concerns and possibilities, providing an objective, safe  and confident “sounding board” for discussing issues and difficulties.
  • To challenge the client to access fresh perspectives and new thinking. Give an objective independent view combined with flexible approach to problems. Be the right “listening partner” stimulating creative thinking, decision making and problem solving. 
  • Inspire behavioural change and healthy relationship building, accelerating  the development of high potential Building confidence & resilience
  • Have a secure and confidential “listening partner” to share with and confide whenever necessary to reduce stress and increase efficiency and emotional balance.